Embrace Success with VakiAi: Never Face Challenges Alone

Embrace success with Vakiai AI as your guiding force. Our AI-powered solutions are here to ensure that you never face challenges alone. From writing and translation to content creation, research, and informative insights, Vakiai AI is your trusted companion on the path to success.

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Follow these easy steps to apply VakiAI


Solution Finder

Find quick and easy answers to all of your specific queries.

Document Analyzer

Analyze your documents in a clear and concise manner using our AI-driven software.

Contract Drafter

Create the terms and conditions of
your agreement tailored according to your instructions.


One day package
Rs. 500/Day
Rs. 99/Day

Unlimited words
Premium features
One day access

Monthly package
Rs. 6000/Month
Rs. 1999/Month

Unlimited words
Premium features
Monthly access


Quarterly package
Rs. 10000/Quartly
Rs. 4999/Quartly

Unlimited cases
Free trial
Premium features
Quarterly access


General Users

Our AI chatbot can assist normal people
with any kind of problems they face in their day-to-day lives.


Companies can use our software to perform their work in a time-saving and efficient manner.


Professionals can utilize our platform to
conduct their routine work through a cost-effective approach.


We are an artificial intelligence based platform that focuses on providing solutions through your
uploads in a simple and convenient manner. We aim to support our clients by finding solutions,
and analyzing documents through an easy process.


Need any help?

Here are some commonly asked questions that can answer your queries.

VakiAI is an artificial intelligence based platform that provides its customers easy and
comprehensive solutions by using a problem-solving approach. 

All you have to do is to upload your text or documents in the software and VakiAI will provide you
with an in-depth solution that suits your needs. We perform various functions like document analysis and drafting, content creation, copywriting, idea generation, and research work to find solutions for your personalized needs.

VakiAI can be accessed by anyone in any country. Customers can choose their specific country and get solutions
that are applicable to the laws of their selected country.

The languages available to use in VakiAI are English and Hindi.

You can purchase a plan in the ‘Pricing’ menu. You can either select a one-day package plan for Rs. 99, monthly-use plan for Rs. 1,999 or avail a
quarterly offer for Rs. 9,000.

Weekly and monthly plans have to be cancelled before completing the 1-day free trial. The one-day package plan cannot be cancelled.
You can cancel your billing plans in the ‘My account’ menu.

You can find the answers to all the frequently asked questions here. If you need further support
email us at support@vakiai.ai